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What is the Board of Investment in Thailand?

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Board of Investment Thailand



What is BOI Promotion?


The Thailand Board of Investment is the body in charge of attracting more foreign investment into Thailand. Any company incorporated in Thailand can enjoy a whole host of benefits from being certified as a “BOI Promoted Company” by the Board of Investment of Thailand.


With the re-established laws of the Thailand Board of Investment, setting up a business entity now comes with more benefits and an easier process. It is to encourage foreign investment in Thailand. You will be given up to 100% foreign ownership of your business and up to 8 years corporate tax holiday.


Eligibility Criteria for BOI Promotion

  • Agriculture and Agricultural Product
  • Metal Product, Machinery and Transport Equipment
  • Mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals
  • Light Industry
  • Electronic Industry and Electric Appliances
  • Chemicals, Paper and Plastic
  • Services and Public Utilities
  • Technology and Innovation Development


Benefits of Applying for BOI Promotion

  • Exemption of corporate income tax
  • Exemption of import duties on machinery
  • Exemption of import duties on raw materials used in R&D
  • Exemption of import duties on raw materials used in production for export
  • Non-tax incentives


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