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Employer of Record Services in Thailand

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Employer of Record (EOR)

The Employer of Record service is a professional employment service. There will be third-party organizations that will help you hire employees. It is a company that provides human resources services, outsourcing and managing your employees in terms of documents, contracts, employee benefits and regulatory compliance. Including paying salaries to employees, your employees will be legal employees, receive social security rights and pay income tax. To help you manage human resources efficiently, worth the time. This service will share responsibility with employment cooperation agreements.

Employer of Record in Thailand

EOR (Employer of record service) in Thailand allows you to expand your business to Thailand instantly and cost-effectively. EOR company helps you hire your employees in Thailand and oversee. Take care of the payroll and HR administration associated with your headcount, so that you can expand your business into Thailand immediately. It is easier to take advantage of skilled professionals and sales opportunities in Thailand.


Why you should use EOR services in Thailand

  1. Limit the cost of hiring staff

If you are a start-up or just starting to do business, you may want to save the cost of hire HR staff to take care of employees. Due to the necessity compared to the costs of your business. If the company is not yet able to support it, then using the EOR service can save your money on hiring full-time HR staff and can get someone to help you with your business directly. In case you do not have enough budget to set up an office. EOR can use for Remote Working, a third-party organization to supervise employees. EOR will answer your needs.

  1. Comply with Thai labor law

The EOR organization in Thailand will specialize in Thai law more than hiring through foreign organizations. Due to the complicated labor laws of Thailand, the rules are changed all the time. Also, the Thai bureaucratic system is strict in documentations. Therefore, making employment under Thai labor law is complicated, that you don’t want to waste time. Consequently, it is better to use services with employment organizations that specialize in Thailand.


EOR Thailand Inlps


  1. Thai legal agreement

According to the above topics, dealing with the government and the Thai Ministry of Labor is complicated. Hiring employees and create contracts between the employee and the company is needed as well as the social security system. EOR organization in Thailand knows about drafting an agreement to maximize the benefits of both you and your employees.

  1. Payroll processing

The EOR service will help calculate the income for your employees, issue receipts and process their salaries. Also, provide documents such as Phor. Ngor. Dor.1, income tax or withholding tax.

  1. Thai Social Security System

The EOR service will help arrange monthly social security payments for you. They support you to add new employees to the social security system. Proceed with the medical facility and manage to deal with the Thai Social Security for you. Moreover, in case you have terminating employment. The EOR service will also help inform you of your Social Security contract for termination.


For anyone interested in using the Employer of Record (EOR) services to look after your employees. Please contact us at InterLoop Solutions & Consultancy Co.,Ltd. Tel; 097-106-9113 ID Line: @inlps

Our Employer of Record (EOR) services have experts who can help supervise the employment process to meet government standards such as the Department of Business Development. You can be confident that when using the service with us will make your business operations effective because this is a professional company that truly understands employee care.


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